The week in qooxdoo (2014-08-01)

As mentioned last week, we want to keep you informed what’s happening during the week within the framework development. As it is vacation time over here in Germany, some of the core team members are out of office so not too much happened this week.

Nevertheless, we worked on improving the mobile list by adding two cool new features. The first is the possibility to add waypoints that correspond to the lists scroll position. Once such a waypoints is scrolled into view, an event will be fired which gives you a chance to run custom code as easy as possible. Take a look at the list demo in the MobileShowcase to see it in action.
Another cool new feature can be discovered in the same demo but only on an iOS device. Check it out and you will see the sticky headers of the list.

For a list of all tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.

The week in qooxdoo (2014-07-25)

As you surely recall we used to post “The week in qooxdoo” activity reports at the end of each week. We didn’t keep up with that tradition recently, as we mostly focused on various tasks in or around the framework as well as exciting new features. Many of those results went right into the latest releases, such as qooxdoo 4.0

This time we cover all the issues that where resolved in the recent weeks. So here you get several links that group those fixes into smaller chunks: May, June, July up to now.

C U next week.

qooxdoo 4.0.1 released

A new and important maintenance release of the framework is available.

qooxdoo 4.0.1 ships with about 20 bugfixes over the previous qooxdoo 4.0 release.

Some of the fixes finalize the event layer for input device independence that we introduced with qooxdoo 4.0, e.g.:

  • Tap event now works properly in IE 10/11 on Windows 7 (see blog post)
  • Fixed additive selection mode
  • Fixed drag & drop on the Table widget

Given the many improvements of qooxdoo 4.x, we recommend you take the latest release into production and upgrade your apps to qooxdoo 4.0.1.

As a patch release qooxdoo 4.0.1 is fully backwards-compatible with the previous version. Nothing needs to be changed in your existing apps if they are already based on qooxdoo 4.0. When upgrading from an older version you can migrate directly to 4.0.1.

Download qooxdoo 4.0.1. Check out the detailed release notes and the manual.

Many thanks from the core developers to the community, particularly for reporting issues and your help in improving the framework.

qooxdoo 4.0: Issue in IE 10/11 on Windows 7

As several users have reported, the qx.ui.form.Button widget in qooxdoo 4.0 does not fire an execute event if the user clicks on the button’s label or icon (as opposed to the button’s background). This only affects Internet Explorer 10 and 11 on Windows 7 (not Windows 8).

The bug report describes the problem in greater detail but the root cause is that on Windows 7, IE will also redirect pointer events if mouse event capturing is activated. We have been in contact with Microsoft representatives and filed a report on Microsoft’s IE feedback site for this issue.

Since this is a serious bug, you are currently advised to hold off on deploying your applications for the qooxdoo 4.0 release. Fortunately, we have already committed a workaround for the problem and are currently planning a bugfix release qooxdoo 4.0.1 that should be available very soon.

Until then, you can link any applications that have already been upgraded to qooxdoo 4.0 against the maintenance branch or apply a patch from the commit to your local release SDK files.