Real-life Example: Bibliograph

This is to let you know about a user-contributed example of a qooxdoo app in production, on behalf of its creator Christian Boulanger. Thanks Christian for the input, and good to see you keep enjoying and successfully leveraging qooxdoo!

Bibliograph is a powerful open source web application for the collaborative collection, editing and publishing of bibliographic data.



if you are interested in qooxdoo apps “in the wild”, Bibliograph v2.1 has just been released. It is based on qooxdoo 4.x (next version will upgrade to qooxdoo 5.x). A live preview is at .

For what it’s worth, the current version uses “qooxdoo parts” to implement an on-demand plugin system (as I was told, this was NOT the part system’s intended use case, but it works nonetheless).

More information is on .

The app has been based on qooxdoo since version 0.5 and I have not regretted this a single day. Upgrades have been mostly painless. qooxdoo FTW!


SourceForge outage affects mailing lists

As you might have noticed in the last few days, emails were no longer delivered to and from the regular qooxdoo mailing lists. That includes the central qooxdoo-devel mailing list as well as supporting infrastructure such as bugzilla reports, etc.

This is caused by a major outage of SourceForge, the external open-source hosting service the qooxdoo project uses for its mailing lists. Given the information on the net SourceForge is working 24×7 to bring back the affected systems. Hopefully they will restore their infrastructure soon, particularly as this bad situation continues for almost a week now …

Not much we can do about it right now (except for pointing you to the issues with this post). Lets see and hope the qooxdoo mailing lists are operational again soon.

The week in qooxdoo (2015-07-10)

It’s summertime around here. Many colleagues are on vacation or are working on internal projects. Nevertheless here’s some quick update on changes to the framework code. See a list of tasks accomplished recently. Many of those could be addressed due to detailed bug reports and/or pull requests provided, thanks.

Microsoft Edge

With the recent releases qooxdoo 5.0 and also qooxdoo 4.1.1 the framework included preliminary support for the upcoming Windows 10 and more specifically for its new “Edge” web browser. Being a moving target some changes have been addressed in the mean time, so qooxdoo’s Edge support looks fairly good already.

More tweaks might be necessary for the final shipment of Windows 10. If you test-drive the most recent or future versions of Edge, please file bug reports for any issues encountered. Would be great you dug into such problems and came up with fixes, so that they could be applied quickly. Around or after July 29, 2015 as the expected official launch date of Windows 10, we’d expect a corresponding maintenance release of qooxdoo with reasonable support for the new Edge browser.

Have a great summer, and keep hacking.

The week in qooxdoo (2015-06-19)

This week was dominated by two framework releases: a major release qooxdoo 5.0 as well as a maintenance release qooxdoo 4.1.1. If you haven’t checked them out, please do so. They are the most sophisticated and mature releases of qooxdoo so far.

Don’t forget to let us all know if you are happy with the new framework versions, particularly qooxdoo 5.0. Just add your comment to the announcement post. If you encounter any trouble with the new releases or have some suggestions, please report any issues as usual, i.e. via the qooxdoo bugzilla.

Appreciated. Have a nice weekend.