Community: qooxdoo for ASP.NET

Yuri Zabolotnev has created an open source project called qxdotnet. Here is what he has to share:
“I wanted to use qooxdoo in my ASP.NET application, because for ASP.NET I could not find a suitable GUI Framework. As a result, the idea of qxdotnet has come to me. It would be nice if this project would be useful to someone else.”

qxdotnet is an ASP.NET wrapper for qooxdoo classes. The main qxdotnet idea is creating C# mirror objects for qooxdoo UI controls. For example, you just create a C# “button” control and place it on the form. After you start your ASP.NET application, you can see the button inside the browser. When you change an object on the server, JavaScript code gets generated that performs a similar change in the object on the client. State of the objects on the server and the client is synchronized with AJAX. Any events are sent to the server via AJAX.”

There is a recent blog post from him about the project (in Russian, though). If you are interested in this ASP.NET wrapper, Yuri certainly welcomes your feedback. Feel free to send him an email, for instance. Thanks Yuri for sharing and good luck with your project!

The week in qooxdoo (2012-02-17)

Here comes another weekly status update.

New Team Member

We like to welcome a new member of the core team: Christopher Zündorf joined us in February to work with us on the framework.

Here is some details about him:
“I studied Business Informatics at the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz, Germany. While at my bachelor thesis about social bookmarking I encountered the newest web technologies and several JavaScript frameworks. After five years of programming experience in Java, I decided to expand my knowledge about web technologies, especially JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. That is why I joined the qooxdoo team. It combines my knowledge about object-oriented programming languages with my curiosity for web technologies, perfectly.”

Welcome Christopher, great to have you here!


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Have a nice weekend!

The week in qooxdoo (2012-02-10)

Here comes the weekly status update.

I18N for Norwegian

The language code for Norwegian is now “nb”. “no” is no longer supported in the CLDR data set, and used to redirect to “nb” before that. If you are using the Norwegian locale in your apps, please change your LOCALES config macro to reflect that.


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.

C U around next time.