The week in qooxdoo (2012-03-30)

And here comes the weekly update. – Mobile was big this week, with Tino and Christopher joining a local mobile conference in Munich. From Tino also came two blog posts covering aspects of the mobile framework.

Mobile Framework

The first post introduces the new Firefox support for the mobile framework. This feature is based on the brand new integration of LESS (a dynamic stylesheet language) into the framework. With LESS you can easily create new themes for qooxdoo mobile.

In the second post we show you how to use a great remote debugger, Weinre, to solve problems which only occur on mobile devices.


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.

This wraps it up – be in touch next time.

Debugging mobile apps with Weinre

Creating qooxdoo mobile apps is pretty easy – you can develop and debug the applications on your machine in Safari or Chrome desktop browsers. But sometimes there are errors that only occur on the mobile device. Debugging CSS or runtime-specific JS code can be challenging, if the application is running in the mobile browser or is deployed as a native app via PhoneGap.

Weinre to the rescue

Weinre is a remote web debugging tool, similar to “Firebug” or Webkit’s “Web Inspector”. It allows you to inspect and debug your qooxdoo mobile app running on the device – remotely and conveniently from your desktop machine.

More info on how to use Weinre with qooxdoo mobile apps can be found in the newly added chapter to the manual.

Thanks to Weinre we could already solve several issues. After all it makes life for a mobile developer much easier, so give it a try.

Mobile Framework: Firefox and Less Support

qooxdoo’s mobile and low-level capabilities get improved constantly. One of its latest new features is due to specific demand: support for the Firefox browser on the desktop.

With the migration of the original CSS files from plain CSS to Less (a dynamic stylesheet language), we have introduced experimental Firefox support for the mobile framework. Firefox already supports the flexible box layout (albeit some exceptions compared to the WebKit implementation), so that we mostly had to adapt the vendor prefixes of the CSS properties. However, some bugs are still open, but you can already start testing the new feature right away, i.e. open it in Firefox.

With Less as the base for all CSS themes it started to get quite easy to extend existing themes and to create new ones. We added a new chapter to the manual, which describes how to use Less with qooxdoo. We would be happy to see people experiment with it, even to see new themes created by the community!

The week in qooxdoo (2012-03-23)

Great to have you back for the weekly status update.

Simple Theme: Tabs

The work in the theme part of qooxdoo continued this week by changing some details of the Simple theme. The tabs had been one of the weak spots of the theme, because they looked too heavy and massive. Most of the time they drew too much attention. So we decided to give them a somewhat lighter look. Just compare the widget browser, which uses tabs itself, from the latest release and the current development snapshot.

Animations use Event Emitter

There has been some work in the animation layer as well. We made use of the recently added event emitter. That brought an API change with it, as you can see in the following sample:

var handle =* ... */);
// old API
handle.onEnd(function() {/* ... */});
// new API
handle.on("end", function() {/* ... */});


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.

Take care.