Adobe AIR powered API viewer

Adobe AIR is a new system to allow typical web applications to better integrate in the desktop. This includes access to file system resources, a local SQL database, and a controlable chrome for the “browser” window and some other goodies. The whole thing uses Webkit to render HTML pages. This is a great choice — for qooxdoo based applications Webkit currently easily outperforms the other engines.

I have integrated AIR into the build system (trunk only). For a small demonstration I have created an AIR based API-Viewer of the current trunk. This can be used as an offline application. Including all API data the download is about 700 KB which is really small. (I had to zip the download again because of security limitations features of wordpress.)

In the current trunk each skeleton based application can be converted to an AIR application easily. Just execute “make air” in the root folder of your application. Unfortunately this feature required changes in a lot of files. This will be a trunk-only feature for now and will not be backported to legacy_0_7_x.

(Removed the screenshot and the Air-based Apiviewer download, as both are no longer available).

12 thoughts on “Adobe AIR powered API viewer

  1. Wow! Very nicely done! I enjoyed the opportunity to meet the qooxdoo team at Ajax World. This application is immediately valuable as I can review your API’s to better understand how to use your libraries. Keep up the great work! qooxdoo rocks! :)

    – Rob

    Product Manager, Adobe AIR

  2. Really impressive stuff Sebastian!

    I had your sdk and Cygwin installed, configured and ripping out it’s first “Hello World” in a matter of minutes thanks to your easy to follow guides. Your AIR API viewer is also going to cause many late nights here (and great fun!) learning about and playing with qooxdoo.


  3. Great work, Sebastian! I’m eager to make few experiments with the trunk version. 😉

    In the meantime, I discovered a weird window resize behavior bug, and initially thought it had to do with AIR and/or WebKit. Probably the bug was already reported and/or fixed, but I’d like to take the change to alert other possible “beta testers”, because (for example) I was already preparing myself to make an AIR bug report, as I didn’t notice the behavior in Safari (WebKit), but apparently it’s a qooxdoo issue… 😐

    The application only resizes every two times, that is, in even events. Initially it is already not adjusted to the canvas size, and so it becomes every two window resize events.

    Again, congratulations for (generally) qooxdoo and (specifically) this! :-)


    Helder Magalhães

  4. HI Everybody there.
    I have some issue with qooxdoo integration with Adobe Flex.

    I have created a Adobe Flex Drawing Application and Now i Just wanted to integrate flex application with my qooxdoo application. But however i m not getting it. I have successfully integrated this same scenario with pure javascript sample application. but however i am not able to integrate with qooxdoo.

    Is anybody have idea?

    Plese send me fire question if you not getting scenario.

    Thanks in advance

  5. Thanks for Your kind Reply Rob.

    I know that this may be not right place to put a question but Actually I first tried at Adobe side and did some R&D over there for this problem. then i came to decision that it may be the problem from qooxdoo side, as far as my view goes.
    So i just Posted here.

    Can you provide me your e-mail id ? so i can forward you a well define scenario with sample code.

    Thanks for Co-operation

  6. hi,

    i only get an error message, that the api-viewer needs a version of AIR that is no longer Supported.
    what can i do? i just wanted to run it without developing it 😉


  7. Sorry for this Tobias. Adobe has updated their AIR implementation and we need to follow in our wrapper to be compatible. Can you please open a bug report for this, so it does not get lost. Thanks.

  8. Hi Rob,
    thanks for the cue, I’ve edited the post. I had to remove both links as the corresponding resources are no longer available. The Apiviewer application was pre-1.0 of Air, so you wouldn’t have much fun with current run times anyway.

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