The week in qooxdoo (2014-07-25)

As you surely recall we used to post “The week in qooxdoo” activity reports at the end of each week. We didn’t keep up with that tradition recently, as we mostly focused on various tasks in or around the framework as well as exciting new features. Many of those results went right into the latest releases, such as qooxdoo 4.0

This time we cover all the issues that where resolved in the recent weeks. So here you get several links that group those fixes into smaller chunks: May, June, July up to now.

C U next week.

qooxdoo 3.5.1 released

A new maintenance release of the framework is available.

qooxdoo 3.5.1 ships with around 90 bugfixes over the previous qooxdoo 3.5 release.

As a patch release qooxdoo 3.5.1 is fully backwards-compatible to the previous version. Nothing needs to be changed in your existing apps if they are already based on qooxdoo 3.5. When upgrading from an older version you can migrate directly to 3.5.1.

Download qooxdoo 3.5.1, checkout the detailed release notes and the manual.

Many thanks from the core developers to the community, particularly for reporting issues and your help in improving the framework.