The week in qooxdoo (2014-11-28)

Welcome to the weekly status update.

Upcoming releases

We’d like to announce the plan to ship two more releases this year: a regular qooxdoo 4.1 including both bugfixes and enhancements and qooxdoo 4.0.2, a maintenance release to include bugfixes only. So now is the time for you to let us know about important issues and possibly to create pull requests. We’ll have to see if they make it into the upcoming ramp-down, as the two releases are expected well before Xmas, i.e. in about two weeks.


A complete list of all tasks accomplished during the last working week within the qooxdoo repository can be found in this bugzilla query.

As explained in the blog post about the experimental next, take a look at this bugzilla query for all updates in the next repository.

Have a nice weekend!

The week in qooxdoo (2014-11-14)

Welcome to the weekly status update!

We managed to fix quite a number of issues this week. As you might see in the bugzilla query, most of them not in master but in a development branch. If you follow our weekly blog posts, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. We have been looking into some fundamental, website-related topics lately. To get you up-to-date on this, stay tuned for a separate blog post next week.

Have a nice weekend.