The week in qooxdoo (2014-09-05)

I’d like to use this week’s post to point you to a great job opportunity:
the qooxdoo framework team is looking for a new colleague!

Join the qooxdoo team as a full-time employee of 1&1 Internet AG, a leading European internet specialist. See for details.

As for the framework progress itself, see the complete list of all tasks accomplished during the last working week.

The week in qooxdoo (2014-08-22)

We refactored the qx.Mobile Picker for improving the performance and enhancing the feature set of the picker.

The picker is now based upon and widget. This reduces code size, improves the scrolling performance and enables also the momentum scrolling for the picker slots.

Because of the usage of the for rendering a picker slot, you can now also display images inside a picker item (see screenshot).

The picker does not extend anymore from, so you can choose whether you want to add it to page’s content container, a drawer or to any other widget container.

Here is an example which shows how to use the new qx.Mobile Picker:

 var picker = new;
 picker.addListener("changeSelection", function(evt) {
   var data = evt.getData();
 var slotData1 = [{title:"Windows Phone", image:"resources/windows_phone_icon.png"}, {title:"iOS"}, {title:"Android"}];
 var slotData2 = [{title:"Tablet"}, {title:"Smartphone"}, {title:"Phablet"}];

As you can see in comparison to the, the new and old API is very similar. Noteworthy is the fact that you now add an array with objects which contain the keys title, a subtitle or an image (all optional).

For a complete list of all tasks accomplished during the last working week, see this bugzilla query.