Java Forum Stuttgart 2008

Last week we attended the Java Forum in Stuttgart/Germany, which is organized by the local Java User Group Stuttgart (JUGS). Even for us rather JavaScript-oriented guys this was really a good conference. With more than 1000 attendees it was larger than expected. Just the conference track itself with 42 presentations was worth the car ride on the painfully congested A8 highway to Stuttgart. Initially we just expected to attend some of the presentations, but as 1&1 also had a booth at the exhibition floor, we were asked to support our colleagues during session breaks. At least we had made sure they brought some of the qooxdoo give-aways (flyer, ball pens, highlighters and, of course, the little candy boxes).

Once we were putting the give-aways onto the table people started asking what this qooxdoo thingy is all about. Some of them had already heard of the project and many of the Java crowd associated it right away with Eclipse RAP . Luckily Andreas brought his laptop with him, so we were able to do live demonstrations. The feedback was very positive. Most of the visitors were professional software developers and almost everyone had to deal with some kind of web application anyway. Many feel the pressure from their customers, who no longer want to deal with those old-fashioned,  form-based web applications. There certainly is a huge demand for rich internet applications (RIA), even among rather conservative, business-oriented customers.

One talk we simply could not miss was the talk by Stefan Röck and Frank Appel about their project experience with Eclipse RAP. Frank Appel is the technical lead of the RAP team at Innoopract and Stefan is a software developer at CAS Software AG, who works on a brand new RAP-based CRM application. They gave a live demo of teamCRM and explained how they were able to build it using Eclipse RAP. teamCRM is probably the most advanced RAP application to date and people were really impressed.

We enjoyed the conference. Thanks to the organizers and all the people that we had really interesting discussions with. Wanna join 1&1? Anyway, we’ll definitely come back next year.

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