qooxdoo 1.0.1 released

After the successful launch of qooxdoo 1.0 end of last year, here comes a regular update to incorporate the latest bug fixes and also a number of enhancements.

qooxdoo 1.0.1 is a patch release, meant to be backwards compatible to the previous major release qooxdoo 1.0. No migration steps should be necessary to continue to develop and build your existing apps. Please upgrade to take full advantage of this latest stable release.

From the detailed release notes, here are some of the most important fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in Firefox 3.6, which was released last week (01/21/2010). The native scrollbar widgets did no longer react on clicks on the scrollbar buttons. This is a known regression in Firefox 3.6, but fortunately we could find a workaround for this issue.
  • Fixed a critical issue that prevented IE to run properly under SSL. See Bug #3305 for details. It is strongly recommended to update to this release, if your application is deployed via https.
  • Hiding elements, which use the AlphaImageLoader, can occasionally cause IE to completely black out the screen. We now use a technique described here to fix it.

As the latest stable version it is also perfect for new users to easily get started with qooxdoo. Download and enjoy this brand new qooxdoo release.