qooxdoo 1.5.1 released

As planned a regular patch release of the framework is available!

qooxdoo 1.5.1 includes about 150 bugfixes. It is meant to be backwards compatible, i.e. nothing needs to be changed in your existing apps, if they are based on the previous 1.5 release.

Download version 1.5.1. Checkout the detailed release notes and the manual.

Many thanks from the core developers to the community of contributors and users.

Enjoy! :-)

PS: A regular release qooxdoo 1.6 is also to be released today. Unlike the patch release 1.5.1 it also comes with many substantial improvements and exciting new features …

2 thoughts on “qooxdoo 1.5.1 released

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  2. Lord of Ultima is a popular award winning browser based war game, built with qooxdoo 1.5. Tens of thousands people around the world play the game. Though it’s not my work, I think it’s worth mentioning here. Personally, I develop 3-rd party scripts for LoU using qooxdoo.

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