qooxdoo 2.1 released

We are happy to announce a new release of the framework, qooxdoo 2.1.

Many thanks go to the entire community for making this happen: the team of core developers, 1&1 as the supporting company, all contributors, and last but not least the users and enthusiasts who brought in questions, comments and suggestions.


  • A Tutorial application was introduced to interactively guide new users through some fundamental desktop and mobile samples. This complements existing ways to get started with qooxdoo, e.g. the Playground or written tutorials for desktop and mobile.


  • qooxdoo's website-oriented features have been around as a pre-built library, typically called "q" due to its top-level namespace. To avoid conflicts with your environment, you may now also use alternative identifiers.
  • Cross-browser Animations got further improved. For instance, Animated Scrolling is now available in the Manipulating module. Moreover, you have more ways to control and finetune animations, e.g. for iteration, delay or start events.
  • Two demo applications, the website variant of the Feedreader as well as the Todo app, were rebuilt using q. The latter app takes advantage of the Storage module.


  • As already mentioned, the new IE10 support allows the mobile framework to embrace the family of Windows 8, particularly Windows Phone 8. For instance try the Mobile Showcase, now enhanced by a "Maps" page and the “Events” page to nicely demostrate multi-touch events.


  • Dynamic Theme Switching is a great new feature when supporting several themes for an app; it not only makes development of custom themes faster, it can also be included with the final app: see the Theme dropdowns in either Demobrowser or Widgetbrowser.
  • Animations also make it into the desktop widget set: fade in, fade out or scroll animations can easily be applied to those rich interfaces.
  • The VirtualTree, a widget for handling even huge hierarchical data sets very efficiently, now offers advanced capabilities to filter and sort items.


  • The toolchain is an integral and powerful part of the qooxdoo SDK. For many typical usecases it is now faster and more robust. It comes with a new JS parser, also to adapt to future language additions.
  • Code validation is performed by a dedicated tool (a.k.a. the "lint" job), but also by the compiler when generating an app. Those two warning systems have been unified into one, along with improvements in validating JS and JSON files.
  • Writing API documentation can be error-prone. Now developers benefit from a stricter parsing and analysis of JSDoc comments, including checks for parameter types, return values and other possible inconsistencies.
  • When working in a team of developers, or when incorporating code from several sources, a consistent coding style is beneficial. The pretty-print feature was revamped and includes some handy features for reformatting code, such as limiting the length of code lines.

Check it out!

qooxdoo 2.1 is available for download. Check out the detailed release notes and the manual. Watch the code repository on GitHub.

The qooxdoo 2.1 release comes with many substantial improvements and exciting new features. In fact almost 300 bugfixes and enhancements made it into the release.


Many thanks from the core developers to the community of contributors and users. Please help to spread the news, get people excited about the latest release, and show them how to deploy qooxdoo as a truly universal JavaScript framework.

Enjoy! :-)

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  2. Yay !!!
    Congrats for your awesome work, folks, and thank you very much for offering this wonderful framework to the community. I’ve seen many micro (or not so micro) frameworks, and also classical ones, but not a single can compete with Qooxdoo when it comes to JavaScript, reliable, extendable and testable components. The toolchain is also i big advantage !!!

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