qooxdoo-contrib is on Allura

The qooxdoo-contrib project at SourceForge is now hosted on the Allura platform.

The process was rather smooth. The upgrade commenced soon after it was scheduled, within seconds, and the basic upgrade finished a few minutes later. The upgrade of the SVN repository took considerably longer (30-60 min), which felt natural given the size of the repo (3.7GB). After that the project web interface and the SVN repository were operational, only the code browsing web interface took another couple of hours before it worked.

Several pages of the SourceForge project remain the same, like “Summary” or “Files”. Among the things that show the difference is the new code browsing feature.

Impact on Users

The most important thing for contribution developers now is to switch to the new repository. Either do a fresh checkout like this:

svn checkout --username=<your_SF_uid> \

(If you received email from SourceForge about the new repository mind to use your own SourceForge user ID in the checkout command).

Or change the repository URL on an existing checkout:

svn switch --relocate \
  https://qooxdoo-contrib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qooxdoo-contrib/trunk/qooxdoo-contrib \

In this command the first URL should match the URL: entry when you type ‘svn info’ in the root directory. As for the second URL you can also use a corresponding svn+ssh:// URL, like with the fresh checkout.

You should be able to checkout und commit to the repo as usual, a current revision number at the time of this writing is 21837. Please get in touch if you run across any issues.

The important thing for contribution users is that they have to patch the qooxdoo tool chain to continue working with online contributions. The patched module is available for download here. To apply it, please locate the file ContribLoader.py in your SDK (The path may vary a bit with the qooxdoo version you are using. E.g. in the 2.x line of qooxdoo it will be tool/pylib/generator/action/ContribLoader.py). The download file is a drop-in replacement for this, and should work with qooxdoo versions as far back as 0.8. If you encounter any problems please get in touch. You definitely, positively have to do the patch, otherwise you will not be able to take advantage of online contributions over the short run.

One more thing: This change only affects compile time, i.e. when you actually run the Generator. It does in no way affect already deployed applications! All applications that you have built with an earlier version of the tool chain will continue to run unchanged.

Repo Cleanup

We also took the opportunity to do a bit of cleaning up in the repo. But this doesn’t at all affect the /trunk path where the contributions live. It just gotton less scary to check out the entire repository :-) .

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  2. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Moving my developer repository worked like a charm using the switch command. And it took only a few seconds. :)

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