qooxdoo Mobile supports Windows 8

Windows 8, Windows RT and Internet Explorer 10 were officially launched a few days ago. That is why we prepared qx.Mobile to support Internet Explorer 10. It is the standard browser on Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows RT. Windows RT is typically installed on Windows tablets, like the “Surface” tablet. The recent adjustments now enable you to reach a new target audience on Microsoft mobile devices with your qooxdoo Mobile apps.

Handling MSPointer Events

The Indigo mobile theme was enhanced to work with Internet Explorer 10. Additionally we prepared the mobile framework to listen to Microsoft’s new pointer events. The benefit of these pointer events: you do not have to worry whether mouse, finger or pen is used to interact with the app. The pointer events nicely encapsulate all of those. Because qx.Mobile is able to handle them, your application will be usable on Windows tablets, no matter what input type the user has chosen.

A Big Step Towards Windows Phone 8 Support

With these changes qx.Mobile also made a big step towards supporting the new Windows Phone 8 platform. Phone 8 has a built-in Internet Explorer which uses the same rendering engine as Internet Explorer on Windows 8. We are going to test qx.Mobile on Windows Phone 8, as soon as it is available.

Give it a try: Open the latest devel version of the Mobile Showcase in Internet Explorer 10.

Please send us your feedback, and open bug reports for issues you encounter. We appreciate your support for testing Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 on your new devices. Thanks!

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