qx.Mobile goes SCSS for Providing a Custom Theme

The qx.Mobile theming migrated from the CSS-precompiling technology LESS to SCSS. With this switch comes the powerful new possibility to customize our qx.Mobile standard theme Indigo.

The Indigo theme was intended to provide one single theme for every device, no matter whether it is Android, iOS or Windows Phone. The application-specific theming of Indigo was not that comfortable with LESS. That is why we decided to provide one single SCSS file in the mobile skeleton which is responsible for theming: the  _custom.scss file (in source/resource/<namespace>/scss).

You are now able to easily alter every widget by changing the appearance of the text, the border or the background. You can even modify the shape of some widgets by adjusting their border-radius or size. This new feature makes it very comfortable for you to adapt the qx.Mobile theming to the appearance of your application’s target platform.

As of now we recommend using the official (Ruby-based) SCSS compiler of the SASS website. We are currently working on the integration of a Python-based SCSS compiler which can be triggered with the qooxdoo Generator. This out-of-the-box solution will improve the qx.Mobile layouting workflow even more.


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