The week in qooxdoo (2008-10-10)

Here comes the weekly status report. It was a bit delayed, because the online demos were updated first.

Inline Widget

Inline widgets are used to embed qooxdoo widgets into regular HTML pages. The size of an inline widget used to be determined only by the size of its content. But there are scenarios in which the root’s DOM element should manipulate its size: for instance, the DOM element holding the inline widget may have a dynamic CSS width of “80%” and should therefore resize with the page content. With the recent code changes the qooxdoo widget inside this DOM element can now be configured to resize in sync with this element. Both the horizontal and vertical behavior can be configured independently. Take a look at the demo to see this in action. Resize the page and see how the SlideBar stretches accordingly. Then change the font size and see how the button height changes (The button’s parent DIV has a height of “4em”).


“Desktop” is a new widget in qooxdoo 0.8. It acts as a parent widget for “Windows” and defines a region where windows can be placed. Windows added to a desktop can never be positioned outside of the desktop. If a window is not added to any specific Desktop, the default desktop is used, which occupies the whole page and overlays the application. This week some Desktop related bugs were fixed, see the new demo.


A number of issues were addressed and fixed, often in collaboration with fellow developers and the community. Thanks to all people involved in reporting, analyzing and fixing issues! Some of the issues resolved:

– IE application loading bug.
– Missing methods ”getActiveWidget()” and ”getFocusedWidget()” were added to the focus manager.
– Several Spinner bug fixes

Spket IDE

Have you already tried Spket IDE with its built-in qooxdoo support? If you are working with the SVN checkout of qooxdoo, make sure to get a hotfix (which will skip svn-related targets when opening a declaration)


This week Alex and Johnny will return from vacation, so it’s the first time since the 0.8 release that the core team is complete again. Some of us will be involved preparing an in-house tech event at the end of the week. After that we’ll continue to work full-steam towards a qooxdoo 0.8.1 release.