The week in qooxdoo (2008-10-17)

Just a quick post this time as last week went by really fast. Johnny and Alex returned from vacation and had to get up-to-date by working through mailing list threads and open issues in bugzilla. Having started just two weeks ago, our students Martin and Yücel are also making progress with their Master or Bachelor thesis, respectively.

The rest of the team had soon to prepare for a company-internal developer event last Friday, so it was indeed a short week for qooxdoo coding. The event had quite some qooxdoo exposure: five talks/workshops in total were given about various aspects of qooxdoo (mostly introduction to features of 0.8) and related web technologies. The talks were well received, and we’re planning on making our output available, either as separate slides, blog posts or by adding any non-redundant info to the qooxdoo manual.

Ok, that’s it for the moment. Next status update will sum up some of the individual stuff that has been happening within the project (new contribs, demo apps, etc.). C U.