The week in qooxdoo (2009-03-27)

Time for another weekly status report. It is a rather short one, since many core developers had in-house trainings, gave lectures or were on vacation. Nevertheless, improving the framework code base is still in the main focus of current qooxdoo development. This task has many aspects and involves validating code, completing API documentation, increasing unit test coverage and so on.

qooxdoo Lecture

This Monday we did a lecture about qooxdoo at the University of Szeged in Hungary. The lecture was part of a course about the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) organized by CAS Software AG in cooperation with EclipseSource.


Mozilla’s JavaScript engine SpiderMonkey adds the special property __count__ to each object, which indicates how many properties and methods are on the object. Nicholas Zakas has written a nice article about this feature. We now use this extension to optimize the functions isEmpty, hasMinLength, getLength in qx.lang.Object.

Python 3 Support – Not

Increasingly mails show up on the mailing list of users struggling with the tool chain, where it turns out they are using Python 3 to run the generator. qooxdoo currently does not support Python 3, and will not for the forseeable future, since the Python 2.x and 3.x lines are incompatible. This affects basically all Python scripts and isn’t qooxdoo specific. For providing better information about Python 3 support and its consequences in qooxdoo, a dedicated documenation page has been added.


This week we discovered a really esoteric qooxdoo bug. A certain combination of qooxdoo properties and interfaces can result in an infinite loop. The bug is probably in qooxdoo since we introduced the new OO system in 0.7, but the conditions under which it can occur are so specific that we didn’t run into it until yesterday. The nasty details can be found in the corresponding bug report.

This week we were able to fix some browser-specific bugs in the framework:

  • The slidebar does update the scroll position if one removes a child in Firefox. #2141
  • Cursor handling in Opera is not reliable #1729
  • The state of a SplitPane Splitter does not always change when the cursor is on or near the splitter in Opera. #1830

… and bugs in the API viewer:

  • Fixed a subtle bug when using the search tab to find interfaces.

As usual here is the canned bugzilla query to get all fixed bugs of this week.

Devel version

The development snapshots of the demo applications are online. This happens on a regular basis, i.e. each Friday afternoon (with an intermediate “code freeze” at 12:30pm UMT+1 and the build and test procedures afterwards). Feel free to test-drive those apps and please report any issues you find.

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend!