The week in qooxdoo (2010-11-26)

Welcome back the weekly status update.

Tri-State Checkbox

ToggleButtons, and with them CheckBoxes, can now have a third state, called “undetermined” (or “mixed”). In case of a checkbox, this means that the checkbox is neither checked nor unchecked. Here is a screenshot:

You enable the third state by setting the triState property. For more details, check out the preliminary demo (lower left corner for regular checkbox, tristate box, radiobutton). Also refer to the API documentation. Custom theme authors may want to update their themes to account for this additional feature.

Bug Process

As you all know, we handle all framework defects and enhancements in our public bugzilla. But how do we do that and who is exactly doing what?

To answer those kinds of questions, we added a nice state diagram to our documentation. This could be interesting for everyone working on bugs, but also for bug reporters or watchers.


It was another successful week of bug squishing before the releases in early December. For a complete list of bugs fixed during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.

That’s it for now. Another week of coding and polishing for the releases is ahead of us. Keep your fingers crossed, see you next Friday.

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