The week in qooxdoo (2011-03-18)

Another weekly status update for you:

VirtualSelectBox and VirtualComboBox

This week another step towards the upcoming release qooxdoo 1.4 was done by completing the implementation of the new VirtualSelectBox and VirtualComboBox. Give it a try:

Mouse Wheel Scrolling

You might remember a blog post we wrote some time ago about the mouse wheel and how hard it is to get the scrolling speed done right across all browsers / operating systems / hardware devices. We used to have a specific list of browser checks to normalize the speed of scrolling. As you can imagine, that’s quite a maintenance nightmare, particularly as some browsers like Webkit/Safari/Chrome seem to have changed values significantly in the past. This is why we came up with a dynamic solution which is now enabled by default (but can be disabled). Just give it a try by using the mousewheel in scrollable widgets (e.g. in the devel snapshots due each Friday), and send us feedback if it works out fine for you, or what downsides of the new behavior you notice.

Dependency Analysis

The dependency analysis of the generator, particularly for load-time dependencies, has been extended. More dependencies are now detected, so that load ordering is more dependable. This slightly increases the analysis time in some cases. To account for these activities in the generator output, a “_” (underscore) now indicates recursive analysis of a method, which has to be done in specific calling contexts when the method call introduces further load-time dependencies.


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.

That’s it for now. We’re quickly approaching the upcoming qooxdoo 1.4 release, which is due in three weeks. If you are aware of any unknown, severe issues, please file bug reports, thanks.

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  1. wow, thank you …
    scrolling speed was so important,
    great job …

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