The week in qooxdoo (2012-04-06)

With some holidays ahead, here is our weekly wrap-up of new and interesting things.


For those of you who follow our roadmap, here is some news.

First, a shift. In recent years we used to issue a new release every spring. But this year we decided to delay this release for two months, so the new target date is end of June.  The reason is two-fold. For one thing we still have a lot ahead which we want to finish for the release, and in a proper fashion. The other reason is that there are pressing issues of projects we support, which need our attention on short notice.

As for the upside, we will be launching a new home page including manual and the other subsystems, something we’ve been working on for some while.  It will come out with new styling and a changed profile for the project, in about two weeks. The changed web presence will also give you a preview of the things to come with the next release. So there is something for you to be excited about!

Cloud Server Mobile App

Tino just recently blogged about the Cloud Server Management app, a mobile app built with qooxdoo mobile, from our sponsor 1&1 that allows customers to manage their cloud servers with their smart phones. Here is the full story.

Generator: Optimization “whitespace”

We have extracted another optimization that was implicit so far: whitespace compression. Up until now white space was compressed as soon as you specified any optimization other than “comments”, e.g. “variants”, “strings”, or “variables”. As a consequence, you could have neither of these optimizations with readable, structurally laid out code. This is now gone. White space compression is now an own optimization, which can be turned on and off individually with the “whitespace” keyword. For skeleton-based apps it is on by default. If you have config files that specify compile-options/code/optimize or the OPTIMIZE macro you will want to review those and probably add “whitespace” to the list.


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.

Community: Rpclib with Json Support

Community member Burak Arslan has added Json support to his multi-protocol rpclib server backend. There is also a nice presentation from this year’s PyCon.

That’s it for now, enjoy your holidays.

2 thoughts on “The week in qooxdoo (2012-04-06)

  1. Releasing “only when it’s ready” is one of my favorite ways to work but I always like (and customers as well) predictive and frequent releases. Let’s wait for Summer then! :-)

    Regarding a possible maintenance version 1.6.1, will it happen and is it scheduled for the same release date as the new version, as usual? As I haven’t seen one listed in the roadmap, this post seemed a good place to ask (maybe the proper one was the mailing list…).

  2. @Helder Indeed, we’re liking timed releases as well :-). So it wasn’t a casual decision. I hope this year will remain the exception.

    As for 1.6.1, yes, we plan to release it together with the new version, as usual. Unless there would be a compelling reason (e.g. a hotfix) to release this one earlier. But as the whole delay is about gaining time, and a release cycle is extra effort, this would only be a last resort.

    As for the roadmap, it will be updated soon (within the next couple of days). We just wanted to get the message out first.

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