The week in qooxdoo (2012-09-21)

Welcome back for a weekly status update.

Test Runner Mobile View

qooxdoo’s venerable Test Runner application has received a minor makeover to prepare it for the exciting world of mobile browsing. This comes in the form of a new view, based on qx.Mobile, that allows developers to run their unit tests in mobile browsers.

See the Test Runner manual page for instructions on how to build a Test Runner with the Mobile view.

Generator: Double Quotes in .po Files

We’ve upgraded the PO library of the generator to the latest version, supporting the internationalization of qooxdoo apps. The only user-visible change should be that now escaping of embedded double quotes is mandatory. This fixes inconsistencies for msgid’s where embedded double quotes were escaped or unescaped (differences in escaping would lead to different msgid’s when they actually should be regarded the same). As unescaped double quotes in a single quoted string are perfectly fine in JavaScript, the generator has to take care of proper escaping. If you run into issues with this new behaviour please report back.


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.