The week in qooxdoo (2013-05-17)

Welcome to the weekly status update.

Merge of diet branch into master

A while ago we announced the ‘diet’ branch and asked the qooxdoo community to help us test the changes. We received plenty of great feedback including detailed bug reports and pull requests, so a big thank you to everyone who participated. Since most bugs are ironed out and no show-stopping issues popped up, we’re going to go ahead as planned and merge diet into master around the middle of the next week.

CSS gradients and border-radius in IE9

While working on the diet branch, we found ourselves in need of a new solution for an old problem that affects Internet Explorer 9 if border-radius and a gradient filter background are applied to a DOM element. See the recent blog post for details about a smart solution, that allows for a combination of both features without requiring doubled DOM elements.

Config File Branching

In general there is no way of conditional branching in the configuration DSL of the tool chain. qooxdoo configuration files are JSON-based and have no “if” construct of any kind. So there is no way of directly expressing e.g. “If the value of this macro is true include this list of classes, otherwise include a different list”. But you can achieve much of the same by using the value of macros in references to other job names. Here is how to do that.


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.