The week in qooxdoo (2013-09-06)

Welcome to the weekly status update.

Auto-scroll during Drag & Drop

Widgets that support Drag & Drop and have scrollbars are now being scrolled during dragging if needed (which is the accustomed GUI behavior). Start dragging as usually but then move your cursor to any edge that has some more overflow content to show. Scrolling will kick in automatically. The scrolling speed depends on how close your mouse cursor is to the edge. Affected standard widgets are for example List, Table and Tree. To see this in action try out the common Drag & Drop demos within the Demobrowser, e.g. List Drag & Drop.

Compiler Hint Syntax

As a reminder from a recent blog post: When migrating compiler hints from their “#” form to the new “@” form (introduced with qooxdoo 3.0), make sure to start the surrounding comment with “/**“ (for valid JSDoc syntax).


For a complete list of tasks accomplished during the last working week, use this bugzilla query.