Upgrading qooxdoo-contrib to SF Allura

SourceForge is urging to upgrade existing projects to their new Allura platform. We plan to upgrade our SF qooxdoo-contrib project coming Wednesday, Feburary 13., 15.00 CET. As SF queues upgrades it is not exactly clear when the upgrade process will commence. During the upgrade the project might be inaccessible. Please don’t make changes to the project during this time, particularly don’t svn up if you have commit rights, your commits might not make it into the upgraded project.

Aside from web surface cosmetics we expect the upgrade will have one major impact for qooxdoo-contrib: The URL to the SVN repository will change. After the upgrade, if you have an SVN checkout, you’ll need to adapt the repository root URL using

svn switch --relocate \
  https://qooxdoo-contrib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qooxdoo-contrib \
  <new repo URL>

or do a fresh checkout with the new URL. We will publish the new repository URL once it is operational after the upgrade.

For the same reason using contrib:// libraries in custom applications will no longer result in a successful download when you build the application. To fix this we will be publishing a Generator patch that aims to work with the new SVN hosting on SF. All people using contrib:// libraries in their applications will need to apply that patch, in order to get fresh library downloads.

As a work-around before the change arrives you can download the contribution you are working with to your local machine, and change the contrib:// URL in config.json to the local path to it on your file system. But this will not automatically update itself anymore (as contrib:// URLs do).

To download a contribution either use an existing download in your download cache (use generate.py info to find the path to it on your system), or use the archive download facility of SF (Go to the ViewVC URL at SF, follow the links to the contribution and version you are using, and on this page search for the “Download GNU tarball” link).

We will update you on the progress.