qooxdoo 1.0 released

One of the most comprehensive JavaScript frameworks is finally available in version 1.0. qooxdoo is a mature and popular solution for creating desktop-style web applications. It has a successful track record after almost five years of development that includes a number of important milestone releases. Backed by 1&1, the world’s largest web host, the professional development team and an active open source community established a framework that is feature-rich, well-tested and fast.

The brand new Showcase application provides a perfect introduction to qooxdoo 1.0 as it highlights many of its GUI features: advanced widgets like virtual tables or trees, an advanced data binding layer, full internationalization support, a brand new html editing component and custom theming:

qooxdoo Showcase

Developers can fully concentrate on creating their apps by leveraging object-oriented JavaScript in a very elegant, yet familiar way. No HTML, CSS or DOM knowledge is required. qooxdoo applications run in all major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome) without any difficulty with cross-platform issues. To get an idea of what it’s like to work with typical qooxdoo code, an interactive Playground lets you experiment with various live demos.

There is much more offered in qooxdoo, however, than just a large set of widgets, powerful layout managers and virtually unlimited theming capabilities. As a full-fledged application framework, it comes with an integrated, platform-independent tool chain that covers the entire range of app development and deployment – code validation, JS compiling and linking, compression and optimization, just to name a few. Other built-in tools allow for easy unit testing, automated GUI testing, searchable API reference, or cross-browser debugging a la Firebug. Mastering large-scale JavaScript applications is greatly facilitated by build process features such as automatically combined images (“sprites”) or transparently breaking up an app into various parts that are loaded on-demand.

Feature set, design and quality of qooxdoo also make it a popular foundation for other frameworks. If you are interested in Java-based programming models that use qooxdoo internally, you may want to check out the Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform (RAP) or the new QxWT project, which integrates qooxdoo 1.0 with the Google Web Toolkit (GWT), and has been officially released today as well.

For more information about qooxdoo 1.0 please see the detailed release notes. See the online demos for qooxdoo in action. Download the qooxdoo SDK, get started and have fun creating desktop-style apps for all browsers and platforms.

Thanks to all the people involved, the core team, fellow committers and contributors, testers, users, partners and 1&1 for their fantastic job and great support!

29 thoughts on “qooxdoo 1.0 released

  1. Congratulations guys. The release post reads really impressive. Let’s hope the public will get a good impression of qooxdoo soon. Good holiday season for you all!

  2. Following the process from version 0.7 to 1.0 by developing our customers’ application with the SVN trunk version of Qooxdoo convinced me of the great job the Qooxdoo development team is doing. There was very rarely a situation where our applications hit some bug in trunk version. This proofs the care that is taken in both developing new features, making the interface more consistent without breaking existing code by deprecation old features way before removing them and testing in general. The migration scripts as well as ’emulation’ of the old API provided by the framework made even a switch from one ‘major’ release (0.7) to the next (0.8) quite doable.

    This in addition to all the great features, the careful designed API, incredibly useful tools like the playground, the support by Qooxdoo developers (and others) on the mailing list make me very confident in having ‘bet’ on Qooxdoo as main platform of our web application development. Three new projects already being in the pipeline, we’ll have lots of fun!

    Thank you, guys!


  3. I’m totally impressed by what I’ve seen so far. (Knowing about qooxdoo only since a few days, using it to learn JavaScript as my first programming language, after knowing bits and pieces of Bash).

    Congratulations to the development team! You rock.

  4. Well done! I’ve been building projects with Qooxdoo since the 0.6.x era and I’ve always been impressed by the steady pace with which Qooxdoo evolved into a very mature, very robust and quite impressive framework! Congrats to all!

  5. Awesome, can’t be better!!! Let jump all over Qooxdoo 1.0 and build and distribute the new applications!! Many thanks to all of you folks.

    Long Live Qx.

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  8. Keep up the good work! I found Qooxdoo is the best alternative for ex-user of ExtJS (because of their suck licensing scheme). Keep more advance UI controls available. Thank you.

  9. Congratulations! Late but thorough. Get the news out there now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still not fully stabile, but I would say an amazing package. Now there is a need of good client server examples with different backends. Then we can talk about complete…..

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  12. Great work guys. This release will help us further improve our applications a lot.

    Congratulations and a happy new year.

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  14. @gue: we’ll look into upgrading to the latest qooxdoo version in the TaskSpeed test suite. It is not expected to significantly differ from the qooxdoo 0.8.2 version used there already, though.

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